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Let's Do This! How to Crush Your Goals 2022

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Teal Athletes its time to set our goals for the year ahead! A New Year can bring exciting beginnings - a good time to reflect, a time to re-set and a time to refocus!

A Goal without a plan is just a wish! Goal setting is an important aspect in all areas of life and allows you to have a long term vision with short term motivation. Setting goals can change your behaviour positively, de-cluttering your life and triggering a focus towards actions that will benefit what you really want to achieve!

"One Day or Day 1 - You Decide"!

It's easy to lose focus when things aren't quite going your way and 2021 definitely gave us plenty of opportunities to lose focus! We've stayed focused, resilient and kept our end goals in site as we know there are good times ahead!

It's not going to come straight away but we have weathered the storm, refused to be beaten and we are so very proud of our Teal Athletes! Lets get down to business .......

Gymfinity Goal Setting

When setting your goals we will use the SMART principle:

  • Specific – The goal should be clear. For example: If you want to improve tumbling, write the exact skill you want to get.

  • Measurable – How do you know when you have reached your goal? For example: I have met my goal when I can successfully perform my back handspring on floor.

  • Achievable – Your goals should challenge you, but at the same time they should be realistic for you to achieve.

  • Relevant – Something that inspires and is important to you in gym, dance or cheer.

  • Time-bound – When do you want to reach your goal.

At GF we like to use 4 very important types of goals:-

Dream Goals! Intermediate Goals! Short Term Goals! Immediate Goals! Lets take a look at each type of goal in more detail..........

1. The first are your long-term or dream goals. These are the driving force behind why you cheer, why your a gymnast, the reason you dance or the reason you tumble! Every other goal supports this dream goal.

Dream Goal example - Compete at the World Cheerleading Championships Florida.. Ladies of the Crown new goal - increase routine difficulty, improve performance and have even more fun!


2. Next, we set intermediate goals. These are goals that you want to accomplish in the next six months to a year. This will help you achieve your long-term goals. They should focus on what you want to achieve this year (or season).

Intermediate Goal example - Hit Zero at Competition!


3. After you set your intermediate goals you should set short-term goals. Short-term goals are those you hope to accomplish this week or month. These goals will help you stay focused in training and each week help you achieve little by little along the way!

Short Term Goal Example - Land your tumble pass 10 times on floor!


4. Finally, you want to create immediate goals. Goals that you set for the week ahead. Immediate goals help you strive for success. They are what you want or need to focus on in the present moment to improve as an athlete each training session.

Example Immediate Goal - Ensure the height on my straight is consistent ready for my full twist!


Important! Be Flexible! Be adaptable! Don't fear change! Remember you have a responsibility to yourself to stay motivated and commit to your plan. However, it’s also important to evaluate and maybe change your weekly goals each month if they seem too hard or maybe too easy. Always put fun and enjoyment of your sport at the top of your goals!

If you enjoy your Cheer, Gymnastics, Dance or Tumble and are committed to it, are eager to establish some goals, you’re well on your way to improving your performance! Be competitive, but don't fear competition - Don't let your biggest regret be not following your dreams or taking chances.

Be ambitious! Challenge yourself and as we always say "Shoot for the Moon and even if you miss - you will land amongst the stars"!

For us Coaches at Gymfinity - True success won't be measured by how many trophies we have in the gym at the end of the year, but how happy our athletes are whilst experiencing life enhancing opportunities that challenge and help you progress. Training in a welcoming environment, maintaining physical and mental health all whilst having a big smile on your face with amazing friends is our long term goal for you! "And hey, if we get some trophies along the way we'll have some parties to celebrate"!

We can't wait to get back in our Gymfinity Castle and help you reach your 2022 Goals!

Right now our athletes need support, guidance, inspiration, energy and positivity and I can promise you that I will be there to help you every step of the way.

Coach Zoe x

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