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Gymfinity Gymnastics

At Gymfinity, we offer a wide range of classes tailored for complete beginners to experienced gymnasts, providing extraordinary opportunities for all ages and abilities!

From Pre-School fundamentals classes that lay the foundation for future greatness, to our elite squad gymnasts who push the boundaries of their capabilities, our dedicated coaches create a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all. Our classes provide the perfect balance of skill development, creativity, and fun, fostering a passion for the sport that will endure for a lifetime.



Bouncing, Spinning, rolling - your children are already natural born gymnasts!

Designed for ages walking to 3 years


Our Recreational gymnastics cater for boys and girls from school age to teenagers. They are tailored to be fun and friendly as children benefit from an active lifestyle.


Competing in local competitions and developing gymnastics skills across floor, bars, beam and vault!


Our Elite gymnasts are focused on working towards their British Gymnastics Gradings and Welsh Gymnastics competition pathway.

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